One year… and going/growing strong.

One year is a huge milestone for any business and the same goes for us here at Alchemy Mind & Body.  With our one year anniversary quickly approaching we wanted to take the time to write about our journey from past to present and where we are headed for the future.

One year ago, with the retirement of the owner of Onsen for All, the doors to the once vibrant and much loved wellness spa permanently closed.   For many, clients and employees alike, it was a great loss.  Clients lost a place to  escape from the stresses of everyday life where one could enjoy relaxing their minds and bodies with massage, yoga, meditation, and skin care treatments.  Employees lost their place of employment but also feared to lose the bond that they had created with their clients and fellow employees.  With little delay, Onsen for All director, Denyse Thedinga, moved quickly to find a location that Onsen’s clients and employees could call home.

Obviously, finding a new location that spoke to us on the same level as the previous building was a task that seemed unattainable.  We wanted a building that had the same charm that the old Onsen building possessed but wanted a building that was more accessible for everyone.  After searching high and low for the perfect location we found a hidden gem not far from the Onsen.

Located just a quarter mile south of the Onsen building, Alchemy is tucked away in a quaint building on a peaceful lot.   Our fully accessible building possesses all the amenities that one would expect from a high end spa coupled with a laid back atmosphere.   Currently we are using only one level of the  building but it has room to expand, which we are hopeful to take advantage of in the future.

Our list of services has remained very similar to that of Onsen with a few additions and substitutions including our signature service The Alchemist Massage.  A 90 minute transformational experience  that allows you to completely customize the treatment with as many enhancements as you would  like.   With the combined touch of hand-made products and our highly trained massage therapists there is no question why it is becoming our most popular service.

Our one year anniversary is August 15th, that means the whole month of August will be filled with specials and savings.  If you haven’t tried a service at Alchemy yet (you’re missing out) August is the perfect time to try the Alchemist massage, to find out for yourself why some are calling it the best massage in Princeton.

~ The Alchemist